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Post Floods of September  2014 a financial assistance of  250 Million USD (INR 1564.5 crores @Rs 62.58/USD) was sanctioned by World Bank under IDA for J&K to support the recovery and increase disaster resilience and increase the capacity of the Project Implementing Entity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency”.
Date of Loan Signing : 21-01-2016
Effective Date: 20-04-2016
Date of Closing : 30-06-2020
Project Management
A Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been  set up vide Govt. order No 20-R&R 2015 dated 8/12/2015 for the overall strategy guidance and monitoring of the project headed by the Chief Secretary and comprises of all involved line departments, and additionally the departments of Finance, Planning, Environment, and Social Welfare. A Project Management Unit (PMU) headed by CEO is responsible for overall project management, coordination, and reporting between PIUs and World Bank. In October 2018, JTFRP was merged with J&K Economic Reconstruction Agency as a Project.
Project Components
Component I- Reconstruction and strengthening of critical infrastructure.
Component II- Reconstruction of roads and bridges.
Component III- Restoration of urban flood management infrastructure.
Component IV- Restoration and strengthening of livelihoods.
Component V- Strengthening disaster risk management capacity.
Component VI- Contingent Emergency Response.
Component VII- Implementation Support.