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J&K Economic Reconstruction Agency, a society registered under the JK Societies Act came into existence as a result of Cabinet decision dated 17-07-2004 vide Govt. order No. 60-PD of 2004 dated 16-08-2004. The cabinet constituted the J&K ERA to: implementation of externally aided projects. receive funds for externally aided projects from the Dept. of the Economic affairs, Ministry of Finance Govt. of India for the implementation of these externally aided projects. Vide Govt. Order No: 1535-GAD of 2018 Dated: 12-10-2018 Jehlum Tawi Flood Recover Project (JTFRP) has been merged with J&K ERA as a Project.
Chief Secretary for extension of JTFRP for giving fillip to critical infra and livelihoods  
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