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Subject Dated Comm.Type Status
1 147 President Welfare Commitee  Rehmat Nagar Welfare Commmitee (no102 dated 22-6-2020 22-06-2020 Request Pending
2 146 Furqaan  Farooqi drainage in padshahi bagh 19-06-2020 Request Resolved
3 145 Zubair  Shora Request to get the road macdemized or repaired from Nowgam Byepass to Newa Pulwama 19-06-2020 Suggestion Pending
4 144 a  b Request to extend the Srinagar-Baramulla stretch beyond Noora Hospital 19-06-2020 Request Not Applicable
5 136 Sajad   Shah Drainage at Tawseef Colony, Natipora, Srinagar 11-06-2020 Request Pending
6 142 Aamir  Farooq Drainage for the residents of Aribagh colony Kanipora 11-06-2020 Request Pending
7 141 Abdallah   Allah Drainage System Barthana (FRONTLINE HOUSES) near Qummerwari chowk 11-06-2020 Feedback Pending
8 140 Chotay Taray Foundation  Drainage for Tawheed Colony C Natipora 11-06-2020 Request Pending
9 139 Moieen   Khan Drainage system at HMT shaltaing crossing 10-06-2020 Request Pending
10 138 Khurshid Yaqoob  Malik Drainage Usmania colony Baghi-Mehtab Srinagar 10-06-2020 Feedback Pending
11 137 Inayat   Jehangir Drainage near Hyderpora-Tengpora bridge 10-06-2020 Request Pending
12 132 Fahad   Thakur Project Status, Upgradation of Kadlabal Lasjan Rambagh Road and Pampore Pulwama Road 09-06-2020 Request Pending
13 133 Umar Sharif   Wani Information regarding starting of work on nowgam banpora padshahi bagh drainage project 09-06-2020 Request Resolved
14 135 Aseel  Khan Suggestion/Request by Mr. Aseel Khan from FDZ Engineering Consultancy, received through WhatsApp 09-06-2020 Suggestion Pending
15 134 Dr. Bashir Ahmad   Bhat Inhabitant of Shah-e-Wilayat colony Sector-7 Umarabad Zainakote) received through WhatsApp/Email. 08-06-2020 Request Pending
16 112 Mohammad Abdullah  Chowdhary File No:-----List of people appointed in Govt Services since 1991-92 30-06-2014 Feedback Resolved
17 14 RK   Handa Geographical Information System in Capital Cities of Jammu & Kashmir State 25-05-2010 Feedback Not Applicable
18 13 RK  Handa Suggestions for 4TH BRIDGE OVER TAWI ALONG WITH LAKE AND BEAUTIFUL RIVER FRONT: 24-05-2010 Feedback Not Applicable
19 9 Irshad   Ali Suggestion to ERA 11-04-2010 Feedback Not Applicable
20 4 Arun  Sharma Good Initiative to launch ERA Website 01-06-2008 Feedback Not Applicable
21 1 Pandurang   pole Internal Direction to ERA officials Feedback Not Applicable
22 71 Balvinder   Singh File No 1031 Feedback Not Applicable
23 38 Monitoring/Reporting  RTI Monitoring and Reporting of the RTI (Quarterly/Annually) Feedback Resolved
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