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ID 141
Information Type Feedback
Subject Drainage System Barthana (FRONTLINE HOUSES) near Qummerwari chowk
Name Abdallah   Allah
Address ADDRESS Barthana (FRONTLINE HOUSES) On National highway Just 590 meters before PC DEPOT About 1 km from Qummerwari chowk

Status Pending
Query Date 11-06-2020
Process Date
Disposal by Director Kashmir JKERA, Director Technical JTFRP
Request/Grievance Respected Sir We the inhabitants are facing a real hardship of getting inundated everyday.we have to use wooden planks to enter and exit our houses.water is reaching upto first floor once rain is incessant.we had been assured by governments but our sufferings are now horrendous.we have been given motor which is fixed on main road and were directed to use once water level is rising in our compounds.All this we are doing.Now as per Dr Abid Rashid we are happy that drainage upgrading has started.We request your goodself to please take a little bit of sympathetic attitude towards us and prioritise the work towards our drainage .sir we are facing real hardships and have been waiting many winters.Few houses have even got restructured and have raised their heights but sir houses are not diseased,it is the drainage.we request you earnestly help us and kindly start work on our side as early as possible .God bless you sir.ours is a neglected area and dont have any recommendations from any side whatso ever.
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