Aims and Objectives
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Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir

The main objective of the J&K ERA is to promote the Socio-Economic Development of the State and to plan, implement and execute the policies on behalf of the Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Aims and Objectives Incidental/ Ancillary to the attainment of the main objective as aforesaid are:
To take loans and other forms of assistance from multilateral, bilateral and other public/private financing agencies ,Govt. depts., agencies and non-governmental organizations.

To engage consultants for the purpose of planning, financing and execution of the projects pertaining to the economic, financial and social development of the State.

To execute projects relating to economic development of J&K State and to assign the task of execution of the projects to subordinate executing agencies whether belonging to private or public sector.

To release funds to all such executing agencies who would be engaged for implementing or executing the projects assigned to them by the J&K ERA or other approved Govt. or Semi Govt. agencies.

To monitor projects under execution, receive implementation reports and issue such directions as may be necessary for securing satisfactory implementation and execution of the projects.

To enter into Private/Public Partnership for securing the execution and management of the infrastructural and other economic development related projects.

To enter into equity or loan and equity arrangements with the private sector partners for execution of the Infrastructure of BOO ( Build , Own , Operate) , BOT ( Build , Own, Transfer) or BOOT ( Build, Own, Operate. Transfer) type.

To float the bonds, debentures, shares and other types of Financial instruments for securing financing of economic Projects.

To hire, lease, rent land and property in pursuance of its main and ancillary aims & objectives as described herein before. To lease- out, assign or transfer commercial rights and interests in land or other property assigned to the society by the State Govt.

To engage the services of legal experts for the protection of the rights of the society including its assets and that of the Govt. of J&K To Initiate and implement structural and institutional changes in the govt. structures concerned with the supply of public utilities such as the water, power , drainage, sewerage and other public goods providing of amenities relating to Health, Construction of Roads, Construction of Highways and upkeep of such institutions as have been created for the public good.
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