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J&K Economic Reconstruction Agency is a society registered under the Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D) with the Registrar of Societies Govt. of J&K under registration No.4645-S of 2004. The society (J&K ERA) came into existence as a result of Cabinet decision No. 105/6 dated 17-07-2004 vide Govt. order No. 60-PD of 2004 dated 16-08-2004. Cabinet constituted J&K ERA to:
  1. Ensure focused and sustained attention on the preparation of the externally aided projects.
  2. Get the projects for the external assistance prepared by the various departments.
  3. To follow up with the various ministries of the Govt. of India to get the projects approved.
  4. The agency will receive funds for the externally aided projects from the Dept. of the Economic affairs, Ministry of Finance Govt. of India for the implementation of these externally aided projects.
  5. To furnish the accounts to the funding agencies in accordance with the procedures laid by the funding agencies/ Dept. of Economic affairs.

ERA Board of Governors
The agency is guided by the Board of Governors who meets at least once every quarter and constituites the following:
Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor, J&K Chairman
Advisor (S) to the Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor Member
Chief Secretaty, J&K Member
Adminstrative Secretaty Finance Department Member
Adminstrative Secretaty Housing and Urban Development Department Member
Adminstrative Secretaty PD&MD Member
Adminstrative Secretaty PW (R&B) Department Member
Adminstrative SecretatyPHE/I&FC Department Member
Chief Executive Officer, J&K ERA Member Secretaty

Last Modified Vide: Govt. Order No:222-JK(GAD) of 2020 Dated:11-02-2020 (Reconstitution of Governing Body of J&K ERA)
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