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News Dated 30 October 2018
Subject Contractor for Jehangir Chowk – Rambagh Expressway corridor penalized.
Contractor undertaking the work on Jehangir Chowk –Rambagh Expressway corridor is to be penalized with an amount of Rs 1.25 crores approximately for delaying the work on Rambagh Flyover mega –project which is coming up in the heart of city centre.
Dr. Raghav Langer , Chief Executive Officer has stressed that any further delay on part of the contracting agency will not be tolerated and shall be dealt with severely. The construction agency has been directed to strictly adhere to the timelines given for the completion of the project. CEO, ERA has directed the contractor to ensure that the 2nd phase of the mega project from Rambagh to Aloochi Bagh is completed by 31st , Dec, 2018 while as 3rd phase from Allochi –Bagh to Jehangir Chowk be completed structurally by 15th March , 2019 with black topping to be completed by 15th, May, 2019.
Dr. Raghav said that any dilly-dallying tactics on part of the contracting agency shall lead to further penalization in accordance with the contract clauses and black listing of the construction agency. He added that work on the construction of grade separator at TRC, Srinagar has also been put on the watch list and performance of the construction agency is being closely scrutinized and similar penal action would follow if the work on project is not expedited and timelines given to the contractor are not met.