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News Dated 30 March 2018
Subject Mobile app –based “Bicycle Sharing” to be introduced under Srinagar Smart City Mission.
Eco-friendly and healthy solution to De-congest city
A meeting to chalk out modalities for introduction of mobile –app based “Bicycle Sharing” which is considered to be an eco-friendly and healthy solution to de-congest the traffic in most of cities globally was held here today under the chairmanship of Farooq Ahmad Lone, Chief Executive Officer, J&KERA/Srinagar Smart city Limited.
During the meeting which was attended by Anuj Malhotra , Traffic Advisor to Govt of J&K Abdul Majeed Raina,Vice Chairman, Srinagar Development Authority, Riaz Ahmad Wani, Commissioner, Srinagar Municipal Corporation , Satish Razdan, Director, ERA, Kashmir, and other senior officers of Traffic police and district administration it was informed that “Bicycle Sharing “ is being introduced in Srinagar city as a component of Srinagar Smart City Mission.
Experts in the field gave a detailed presentation on the concept of “bicycle sharing” and said that bicycle sharing operates through a mobile application which users are required to download on their mobile phones and enter the plate number displayed on each bicycle provided at the bicycle bay to receive the passcode to unlock the bicycle. On reaching the destination users would have to park the bicycle in the designated parking areas near their destination and lock the bicycle. The concept works on the economic principle of sharing of same resources at multiple times and aims at replacing the car with bicycle for urban mobility as doing same would pave way for traffic de-congestion, decreased levels of emission of harmful carbon dioxide and SO2 gases that are major contributors to air pollution besides promoting the healthy lifestyles amongst the city dwellers.
It was decided that a complete recce of the Srinagar city will be conducted by the officers of SMC, SDA,SSCL, along with the experts to work out the most feasible model to be taken up for implementation of the concept.