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ID 9
Information Type Feedback
Subject Suggestion to ERA
Name Irshad   Ali
Status Not Applicable
Query Date 11-04-2010
Process Date
Disposal by
Request/Grievance sir,
i am a resident of srinagar. having observed the working of ERA closely.having worked outside the country and being familiar with the working of consultancies i have observed the following .
the consulting firms engaged by ERA are just here to make money. there are no experts available with them. the consultants engaged are either incompetent or unprofessional. the staff of consultants working at site comprises of fresh recruits who have no previous exposure to work. this has resulted in lot of inconvenience to general public. these fresh recruits ( so called consulting staff) have no control over the contractors and are in league with the contractors. iwonder why ERA has been so soft towards the consultants. in west or gulf such consultants would have been shown the door long back . it is known to all that these consulting firms are paid heavily by ERA.the salary of consultants runs into lacs of rupees. are they doing justice to their responsibilities. the quality of work and supervision is much worse than of a government department.what is the use of engaging such consulting firms who cannot perform and are a financial burden to the project.will ERA ever take these consultants to task.
do we lack confidence in our own engineers.aren't they capable. ERA should rather focus on developing its own man power rather than depend on these consultants who have nothing at stake. i was going through some complaints on your web site. contrators are also crying hoarse about the competence of these consultants. i hope ERA will lay stress on developing its own resources and act firmly against this nexus of consultants. please dont give us the excuse that ADB does not allow us to take action against these consultants.ERA has a tendency to blame everything on ADB.
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