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Project Details
Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh Flyover
“Construction of Flyover / Express-way Corridor from Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh – Srinagar City”.
Ramp A2 (Downward Ramp in front of Meteorological Department)


Category: Engineers Design
Location: Kashmir Transport Bridges
Districts Passing: Srinagar

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Allotted
ERA Ref: JKUSDIP Srinagar/UT/01 Type:Works Mode: ICB
ERA Pac ID: 0301
PCSS No: 0002-03
Scope of Work: 2.41 Km,4- Lane Flyover with 2 major bridges
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 200.74
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 341.22
Contractor Details Simplex Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
DDR Approve Date
DPR Approve Date
IFB Issue Date (Last) 10 February 2012
Technical BID Open Date
Financial BID Open Date
Letter of Acceptance to contractor (LOA) 07 May 2013
Date of Signing of Contract 07 May 2013
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 22 June 2013
Completion Period (55 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 21 June 2016

Project Background.


1)    On the basis of detailed topographic and traffic surveys conducted by DHV India, a concept plan of the above mentioned project was prepared. Animated presentations of the concept plan were prepared and presented to the authorities of J&K ERA. After three presentations to the authorities and two presentations to Hon’ble Chief Minister, concept plan was finally approved.

2)    On the basis of the approved concept plan, DHV India prepared the layout plan and   General Arrangement Drawings. These were referred to RITES for review on 04-08-2010. With minor modification for traffic movement at Jehangir Chowk,  RITES  recommended adoption of  the concept plan.

3)    Structural design and drawings prepared for the project on the basis of  the concept plan, were reviewed and approved by IIT Roorkee in April 2011.

4)    The project starts from the heart of city at Jehangir Chowk (near  High Court) and passes through the congested urban area along the IG (Air port) road terminating at  Barzulla Bridge. The total linear length of the corridor is around 2.50 Km. The salient features of the project are as under:

·         4- Lane divided elevated expressway from Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh Bridge.

·          2 major bridges, each of 2-lane carriageway width, over flood spill channel at Rambagh  on either side of existing bridge.

·         2-lane elevated road from Rambagh bridge to Rambagh (beyond Y-Intersection at Natipora Chowk) on Airport road.

·         At Jehangir Chowk an upward ramp for traffic from Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh and a downward ramp for traffic from Rambagh to Jehangir Chowk.

·         Integrating existing Flyover with proposed elevated expressway at Jehangir Chowk for left turning traffic from Dal Gate to Rambagh.

·         At Bakshi Stadium Chowk a left turn upward ramp from Jawahar Nagar road to Rambagh and downward ramp for traffic coming from Rambagh.

·         To and fro connection to the elevated expressway for traffic on Natipora road by providing down ward ramp on LHS from Natipora Y-Junction and upward ramp on RHS starting from Natipora Y-Junction.

·         Widening and strengthening of 2-lane road at grade on both sides of proposed elevated  expressway.

·         Provision of minimum 1.50 meter wide drain-cum-footpath on both sides.

·         Provision of electrification and lighting arrangement for the entire sub- project stretch.



5)    The benefits from implementation of the project are as under:

·        Decongestion of traffic.

·        Improved air quality.

·        Time & fuel saving.


6)    The project is estimated to cost Rs.256.65 crores  as per the Summary Appriasal Report (SAR) submitted to ADB under tranche-2 of J&K Urban Sector Development Infrastructure Program (JKUSDIP).The cost is indicative and may enhance.


7)    The project  involves acquisition of land to the extent of around 46 kanals and 60 structures (mostly commercial establishments). Out of 46 kanals of land, around 9.50 kanals are required for rehabilitation of  people permanently displaced by the project, while the rest of the land falls in the alignment of the expressway (road-widening).


8)     As per the Loan-Agreement with the ADB, the State Government/ ERA is required to adequately compensate the people affected by the project. The project dislocates 285 shop-keepers permanently, besides impacting some other establishments, mostly Government departments. The Resettlement-Plan envisages compensation to the owners/title-holders for the assets acquired and rehabilitation of displaced persons (owners /tenants).The rehabilitation could be project-assisted or self-relocation i.e compensation in the form of liquid cash as per the entitlement of the concerned people in the asset /property to be acquired. As regards project-assisted rehabilitation, Government/ERA has already worked out a scheme that provides for construction of two commercial complexes, one near Exhibition Grounds (Jehangir Chowk) and another at Ram Bagh. These  complexes will together accommodate 186  project dislocated shopkeepers. In addition to these two complexes, Srinagar Municipal Corporation is rehabilitating 99 shopkeepers of Cheap & Kabaddi Markets located in the alignment of the Flyover.


9)    The State Government has constituted a High Level Committee, headed by the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir for speedy implementation of the Resettlement Plan. The Committee has constituted a Sub-Committee for negotiations  with  the  concerned parties/ stake-holders.