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Akhnoor Road Upstream Drain
Rehabilitation and Chanelization of Existing Primary Drains and Construction of New Secondary Drains upstream of Akhnoor Road
Akhnoor Road Upstream Drain


Category: Engineering Design
Location: Jammu Urban Drainage
Districts Passing:

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Completed
ERA Ref: UJ/SWD/14&15/01/LCB/06 Type:Works Mode: LCB
ERA Pac ID: 0058
PCSS No: 0034
Scope of Work: 20 KM
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 22.819646
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 31.42
Contractor Details Valecha Multitech (JV)
Date of Signing of Contract 02 March 2007
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 08 March 2007
Completion Period (24 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 07 March 2009
Work Completed

Length of Nallahas/Drain : 21.60Km Total area to be served : 29 Sq Km. Population served: 120852 Areas to be benefited are --- Indra Nagar, Pamposh Colony, Daily Excelsior Lane, Hari Nagar, Bahwani Nagar, Subash Nagar, Paloura etc