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Electromechanical Equipment Jammu
Procurement, Supply and Installation of Horizontal Centrifugal Pumping Machinery and other related Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Works under Jammu City Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme


Category: Engineers Design
Location: Jammu Urban Water Supply
Districts Passing: Jammu

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Completed
ERA Ref: UJ/WS/HCF/NCB/10 Tender:ERA/PIU (U)J/192/31354-74 Type:Works Mode: NCB
ERA Pac ID: 0079
PCSS No: 0114
Scope of Work: 44 Horizontal-Centraifugal Pumps 30 Panels 2KM XLP
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 7.935768
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 7.98
Contractor Details UEE Electrical Engineers
Date of Signing of Contract 28 October 2010
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 20 November 2010
Completion Period (9 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 19 August 2011
1. 100% of equipment & allied material such as HC pump unit, AVR , Starter panels, Switch Fuse Unit , Valves, cables etc have been recieved at jammu in the store of contractor. 2. 44 nos. Foundation Block laid & Base Plate of Pump set grouted. 3. 39 nos. pump commissioned