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GD Cleaning Equipment JK GROUP-2
1.Dumper Placer suitable for Garbage Container of 4.5 cum:10 Nos Garbage Container 4.5 cum with suitable hooks for placing/unloading from the dumper placer (ADB PROCUREMENT OF DUMPER PLCAER SUITABLE FOR GARBAGE CONTAINER OF 4.5 CUM CAPACITY AND GARBAGE Co


Category: Equipment
Location: Jammu Urban Equipment
Districts Passing: Jammu

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Completed
ERA Ref: J&K/UJ&S/SWD/09/02/IS/09 Group2 Type:Equipment Mode: IS
ERA Pac ID: 0074.08
PCSS No: 0105
Scope of Work: 10 Dumper Placer 175 Garbage Container
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 1.631
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 1.63
Contractor Details Swaraj Motors
Date of Signing of Contract 19 December 2009
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 09 January 2010
Completion Period (6 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 08 July 2010
10 nos Dumper placer - 5 nos. Handed over to JMC & 5 nos flagged off for SMC, Srinagar 175 nos. Garbage Container handed over to JMC & SMC