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Humhama-Budgam and Raithon-Arizal Road
Humhama to Budgam and Raithon to Arizal Roads
37.6 Km road completed and handed over to R&B Deptt


Category: Design as you Built
Location: Kashmir Transport Roads
Districts Passing:

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Completed
ERA Ref: Transport/Srinagar/Road 03 Type:Works Mode: LCB
ERA Pac ID: 0002
PCSS No: 0026
Scope of Work: 37.6 Km
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 24.8763
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 36.32
Contractor Details BLA Brahmaputra Consortium Ltd(JV)
Date of Signing of Contract 27 October 2006
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 25 November 2006
Completion Period (24 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 24 December 2008
Project Completed and handed over to R&B Department