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Project Details
Sewerage Network PhaseII Lot-1
Providing, Laying, Jointing, Testing and Commissioning of Sewerage Network in Bakshi Nagar area and Ranbir Collector sewer of Division A PhaseII at Jammu (Contract Terminated and Package Foreclosed)


Category: Engineers Design
Location: Jammu Urban Sewerage
Districts Passing:

Constituency Passing:

Status: Works Completed
ERA Ref: JKUSDIP Jammu/WW/01 Type:Works Mode: NCB
ERA Pac ID: 0203.1
PCSS No: 0005-02
Scope of Work: 67 KM
Contract Cost in Rs crore: 26.913702
Dynamic Cost in Rs crore: 24.44
Contractor Details Trans Tech Turnkey Pvt. Ltd
DDR Approve Date
DPR Approve Date
IFB Issue Date (Last) 02 March 2009
Technical BID Open Date 29 June 2009
Financial BID Open Date 22 August 2009
Letter of Acceptance to contractor (LOA) 12 September 2009
Date of Signing of Contract 26 September 2009
Date of Start of Work (NTP) 01 December 2009
Completion Period (30 Months)
Completion Date as per Contract 31 May 2012
The city has been divided into 4 main sewerage catchments ( Divisons A  to D ). Divison A includes the most densly populated areas of the old city. Divison B  to the north west of the old city was mostly developed after 1947. Divison C is the rapidly developing area around the rail head, Divison D is the new expanding industrial area in the south east.

Divison A is sub-divided into Phases I and II . Phase I  is the old city and Phase II is the densly populated area below towards Tawi river. The proposed sub-project is designed to collect domestic waste water from Phase II plus a small section of Divison B and provide treatment before disposal into the Tawi river, downstream of the city. The proposed sub-project will cater to about 230,000 persons by the design year 2021 within the area of 490 Ha. Divison A, Phase II , has six sectors of which sector 1 sewerage and sewage treatment plant has almost been completed using GoJK funds . Phase I which drains into Phase II will be implemented as  a subsequent sub-project. Adequate land is available at Bhagwati nagar for construction sewage treatment plant facilities to cater for both phases.

The sub-project includes :

1.    Construction of over 200 km of trunk main, secondary  sewers, laterals and house connections including man holes and chambers.

2.    Construction of Sewage treatment plant , including integration of the existing sewage treatment facilities, to cater for 30 MLD sewage

3.    Standby power generation for main sewage pumping station and treatment plant

4.    Administration office with sanitation and rest facilities for workers

5.    Site works including access to roads, screening plantation and landscaping